Monday, June 9, 2008

Life Continues

Well, we are continuing to wait for our court date. Today is the first day of Alex's Kindergarten summer school. Even though he turned 6 on June 1, we chose to give him an extra year before Kindergarten, and we are so glad that we did. He is doing so well, and he is so ready. He walked on the bus this morning as though it was no big deal. He also told me that I could leave as soon as we got to the bus stop, but the school district requires that Kindergarten parents be there. He is becoming more and more independent, and he is going to make such a wonderful big brother to Katie. He already does a great job looking after his big brother.

Last night we had an new experience. Steve's company provided T-Bones tickets to the entire Human Resources Department, so we went to the game. The T-Bones are a minor league baseball team that we have in addition to the Royals. We love to go because since the stadium is smaller, every seat is a great one, the tickets are much cheaper, and there's an awesome play area for the kids just beyond right field for when they start getting antsy (which for Alex is right after the singing of the national anthem). Anyway, they were forcasting a pretty bad rain storm, so we planned on leaving at around 7:00. We were about 5 minutes too late. It began sprinkling lightly so we made our way to the exit, but before we got there, the heavens opened and the rain poured down. It went from a light sprinkle to a huge storm complete with horizontal rain in about 15 seconds! It didn't show any signs of letting up, so after a few minutes, we made a run for it. Since we have a handicap placard, we didn't have to run very far, but we got completely soaked anyway! Steve was carrying Derek, and Derek just laughed and giggled the whole way. Alex loved running in the rain and wants to do it again. Isn't it great to be young?!

We appreciate all the prayers and support that you all have given us, and we would love to read any comments that you may post here. It's always nice to get feedback from these blogs because it continues to remind us that you are out there praying for us and for Katie. We have 2 more weeks before the earliest possibility of receiving our court date, and as I said in the title, life continues. We have Katie's room almost finished. She has the same teddy bear border that Derek and Alex each had when they were in that room, and she has Winnie the Pooh bedding on her toddler bed. We bought a bookcase for all her books, and friends have graciously handed down some little girl clothes, which are now all folded in drawers or hanging in her closet. She's going to be a pretty well-dressed little girl!


Cindy said...

Karen, I love your blog, especially the title! Not only will it be great to keep all your family and friends informed but what an awesome journal of your experiences. It will be really special to Katie someday! Hope you get a court date soon and I'll be excited to keep reading.
PS - We handed off your documents to Andrei. He is one wild and crazy driver, isn't he?!

Karen said...

Andrei's driving made me carsick so bad that I had to take Dramamine every day!