Wednesday, June 4, 2008

When will we get a court date?

While the majority of our documents were in Moscow before we left for our first trip on May 10, there were 7 more that were needed after we returned. We sent those with another family who gave them to Andrei (our coordinator in Moscow) on Saturday. However, there are some additional documents needed from the Ministry of Education as well, and they are not hurrying as much as we are (shocking, I know). Their last document will be submitted on June 24th. We will find out when our court date is sometime after June 24th. I'm guessing that our court date will be sometime in July. If our court date is on a Tuesday, for example, we will leave on Saturday, arrive on Sunday, visit Irina/Katie on Monday for our 6th visit, go to court on Tuesday, and fly home (without Irina/Katie) on Wednesday. Then, about 3 weeks later we'll fly back, get Irina/Katie on one day, go through the embassy and register her with the Russian Consulate the next day, and fly home the following day. It's either 2 more trips or we have to stay in Moscow for a month. It's cheaper and easier on everyone involved to do 2 more trips, although it'll be so hard to leave her once she's officially ours.

So, as we continue in this "hurry up and wait" process, we're waiting for now. Once we get the court date, we'll hurry up again to get the plane tickets, lodging, visas, etc. for the trip.

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