Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another Day in Moscow

Here is Katie during her first nap with us yesterday, complete with fingers in her mouth.
Here is Katie typing her first post this morning on this blog. Didn't she do a great job?
Daddy and Katie watching Cinderella
After the doctor left this morning, Steve and Katie watched Cinderella while I was on the computer. We went to a park after that to play. This park is several blocks away on the way to the Metro station. It has a play area shaped like a pirate ship with ladders and slides, and then it has some other equipment. Katie was not at all impressed with the slides, but she would swing all day long. The swings here in Russia are different than in America. Instead of chains, there are metal pipes, and instead of flexible rubber seats, they are all made of wood. We eventually stopped swinging, though, so other kids could have a turn.
There were many statues in the park, too: elephant, tortoises, mushrooms, fish, lady, man, other various animals, etc. She didn't want to get on the big ones, but she was okay on the little ones. The temperature the last 3 days has been in the upper 70s, and Andrei was talking yesterday about how hot it is and how humid it is. Ha! He has no idea!
When we returned "home" we ate lunch, and Katie took her nap. It was a long one today - 3 hours, and Steve and I joined in on the nap about halfway through. Aren't family naps great? Then Steve left to go pick up our visa registrations and to buy a few things while Katie and I stayed at the apartment. We went outside to the little play area that's right here, and once again she paid no attention to the ladders and slides but stayed perfectly content on the swing. She has eaten much better today than yesterday and finished her dinner in a reasonable amount of time. We put her to bed and then realized that the 3 hour nap may have caused a problem. At 10:30 she was still awake, staying in bed and keeping herself amused. I think she has just now drifted off, and it's almost 11:00! We'll see how tomorrow goes.

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