Thursday, August 14, 2008

Killing Time Before We Go Home

Steve successfully got Katie's passport this morning, but Andrei has it with the other paperwork that we will file with the embassy tomorrow afternoon. While he was gone, Katie amused herself by wearing my shoes over hers around the apartment. Watching her walk in them was absolutely hilarious so we took some video of that, too!

After lunch, Katie helped me cross stitch her Christmas stocking. She did a really good job, too,
Then we had nap time. Steve gave me some rest time this morning by taking Katie with him to the grocery store, so he made up for that this afternoon.
After dinner we took the Metro to Red Square. Katie had fun running around for a little bit, and then we walked around G.U.M. (goom) and got some ice cream. It was a very muggy, humid day today, and all we brought were jeans so we were pretty hot. However, none of the Russians wear shorts either. In fact, many were even wearing long-sleeved shirts today!
On the Metro going back to the apartment. She really likes the ride!

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