Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pictures for Yesterday's Post

Here are some pictures that I should have included with yesterday's post.

Hitching a ride with Daddy
Sitting atop a walrus with Mommy's sunglasses
Staring intently at the elephants. She was fascinated by them, and kept pulling us back when we tried to leave.
Katie's first train ride. I forgot to mention this one yesterday. She watched the train twice before she decided that she wanted to ride it. And even with that, she still asked one of the workers something, which resulted in the worker walking next to the train and holding her hand. She never acted scared, but she also never really smiled.
Walking back to our apartment from the zoo munching on a snack. It was lunchtime!
Sadly, we don't have pictures of any of her other firsts. It wasn't until the end of the day that we realized that she had had so many, so we hadn't made a point to document all of them. We often get caught up in the moment, and we forget to grab the camera. Oh well. In case you were curious, Steve and I both slept better with the switch so that may be how we keep it until we leave here.

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