Monday, July 21, 2008

Back to Moscow for our Third and Final Trip

Well, it looks like we'll be leaving August 2 to return to Moscow to bring Katie home. Andrei picked up our court ruling today and filed for her birth certificate and adoption certificate, which should be ready tomorrow or the next day. Then once he has those, he will file for her to be moved from the permanent resident list to the temporary resident list. This will take a few days to process. When Andrei files for the residency change, he will get an idea of how long that processing will take, and we may need to change our travel dates depending on what they say. So we are tentatively planning on leaving the 2nd, arriving in Moscow on the 3rd, and coming home on the 9th (with Katie).

I learned something today. When a person is waiting to hear when she can leave to go get her daughter, the mind is absolutely worthless to do anything except play Spider Solitaire. Anything more constructive and productive is a waste of time because the mind is nowhere near the task at hand, and the end result would be disastrous. Just thought you'd like to know. :-)

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Melissa M. said...

Well you and I shouldn't get together and try to take care of any children anytime soon...between your adoption brain, and my pregnant brain we'd be liable to forget a child somewhere or something!!
Hopefully the days pass quickly until you guys get to leave to go get Katie!!
If you want me to check her seat before you leave let me know...we fly out Monday!