Sunday, July 27, 2008

Derek's T Ball Banquet

Last Monday, we had Derek's T Ball Banquet. Derek plays with the Exceptionals, a special needs T Ball and Coach Pitch league. This was Derek's 3rd year to play with them, and he just loves it. The kids range from 5-21, with any sort of physical, mental, or emotional challenge, and I think every one of them absolutely loves playing. There are "buddies" that volunteer their time and energy to be one-on-one with these kids. Usually they are boy scouts, girls softball teams, or individuals that want to help. Sterling Farber, the man who started it, was honored at a Royal's game in April, and many of the families went to the game in support. The league is completely underwritten so the families don't have to pay anything. It's just wonderful what people will do.

Here is Derek with his trophy
And here's the "love fest" I mentioned in an earlier post. Derek was on my lap, and Alex was on Derek's lap, and they were both so tickled at the whole thing.

We are so blessed to have the children that God has given us, and we appreciate them every day!
On another note, the boys and I are heading down to Table Rock Lake with my parents for a few days. We won't hear anything about the adoption until Wednesday, so we decided to get out of KC while we know we can. Therefore, I won't be writing any posts until at least Wednesday, hopefully with an update. Stay tuned...

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