Friday, July 18, 2008

Derek is 8 Years Old!

Derek's 8th birthday was yesterday, July 17. I took some cupcakes to his school in the morning for snack time. As it turns out, he is quite the ladies' man!

These two girls just couldn't keep their hands off him, and one of them proclaimed to be his best friend. Not bad for a kid whose social skills are just a bit lacking (OK...alot). On another note, have you ever tried to get 7 blind and visually impaired children to look at the camera?
For dinner, we ate at The Rainforest Cafe. We went there for New Year's Eve, and Derek has been asking to go there for his birthday ever since. He never asks for anything, so we definitely granted him his wish. He had a great time, but was bothered by the fact that their birthday song was not "Happy Birthday," so he just sang "Happy Birthday" to himself before he blew out the candles. Too cute!

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