Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We're Getting Closer

Tonight was kind of a hard night as Steve put the boys to bed. He will leave for work tomorrow morning before they wake up. They will leave with Nana and Grandaddy to go to the lake before Steve gets home from work, and we will leave for Russia before they get back from the lake. Therefore, it'll be 9 days before he sees them again. I won't have much more time with them, and the reality of us leaving is setting in. We got our passports with our visas back today. There's something very bothersome to me about mailing my passports to a stranger one week before leaving the country, so I'm always very glad when they return with time to spare. Everything is set, and all we need to do now is take care of some last-minute details and pack.

Tomorrow I will focus on getting the boys all packed for their weekend at the lake. We had planned on all of us going, but as we planned we knew there was a possibility that we might be traveling this weekend. Nana and Grandaddy generously offered to go ahead and take the boys down as planned, and this will give us 2 1/2 days with no children. Steve will be off on Friday for the 4th, so we are really in good shape to get everything done before we leave on Saturday.

When Nana and Grandaddy return with the boys on Sunday, Grandma and Grandad will take over while staying at our house. Derek starts summer school on Monday so he's set. Alex's last day of summer school is tomorrow so I've scheduled lots of things to keep him busy next week. Otherwise, Grandma and Grandad will have to hear the following, "What can we doooo? Where can we goooo? Who can I plaaaay with? There's nothing to dooo. I'm so booored." Hopefully, the boys will still be intact when we return, and hopefully the grandparents' sanity will still be intact when we return next Thursday!

Have a Happy 4th of July!!

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