Saturday, July 12, 2008

Why Not?

Since we have nothing else going on, we decided to buy a new car. We've been sitting firmly on the fence about whether we should buy a new car (minivan or SUV) with more room, or stick it out with what we have. The additional room was appealing, but the car payment was not. We haven't had a car payment in years, so we really didn't want to add one if we didn't have to. Well, God made that decision for us. We took Steve's car to the dealership because it's been running hot for several weeks now. We've tried different things, but since the mechanics could never get it hot, they couldn't really see what the problem was. The dealership was more successful in determining the problem, and it was going to cost more to fix the problem than what the car is worth. It is 13 years old, and has just over 200,000 miles. The windshield has a crack about 15 inches long, and the gas gauge hasn't worked in 8 years. God gave us a nudge off the fence and we decided yesterday to buy a minivan. Several weeks ago, we had decided what kind we wanted for when the time comes, so Steve found some online yesterday and I went and looked at them today. I now have a lovely 2007 Chrysler Town and Country in my garage, and I can already tell that I'm going to love it! It's a bluish grayish greenish color called "Magnesium Pearl," with gray interior, and it has those wonderful stow-n-go seats. Steve will drive my old car, which was actually his car until 3 1/2 years ago, and Steve's old car is no longer our problem. Our car payment is right where we wanted it to be, and now we just need to take care of licensing and insurance. This is good timing, too, because I have nothing else going on in my life right now. Ha, ha. To be honest, nothing will happen with the adoption process until July 21st, so as long as I take care of everything next week, it actually is good timing.

I'm looking at a picture of Katie right now, and my heart aches to go back and get her. Please pray that our return is sooner rather than later. At least the car will keep me busy for awhile.

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